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Well, an update for you all. The police lady rang me back yesterday morning. She’d been trying to call me for days, but I hadnt answered, I did notice a strange number calling me, but I’m trying to be careful which numbers I pick up for. So when I didnt recognise the number I didnt answer. Yesterday for some unknown reason I had a feeling that it might be her, so I picked up. And it was. She said she’d like to meet me on Tuesday evening, just to get my conscent to get the report from Dr Barry, that will form part of their investigation. She said they cant proceed without it. I just have to fill out a form, a short one, which allows them to get a medical report. She read it out to me on the phone, and there really is nothing to it. She said she’d only be with me five minutes, and I’m ok with that. When she got off the phone I texted Eileen, and when Eileen got the message she rang me back and we talked for a few minutes. Eileen and me decided she’s really friendly, and its good that the police are taking us seriously and wanting to pursue things. After talking about the police Eileen and us got talking about meditating and relaxation aps. Eileen said she’d send me a guided meditation called letting go of stress, which she thinks I’ll love. And she also said she recommends the headspace ap, which she told Liz about on Saturday. It was nice to talk to Eileen, its nice to have that connection on the weekend. In other news, our relatives got here on Saturday evening. I decided to stay in our parents too for the weekend. It was nice to catch up with the relatives, since I hadnt seen them in over 3 years. And they havent been to Ireland in 8 years. Our sister picked them up from the airport. My aunt brought me chocolates which I shared with my niece and nephew. We sat up until 1 AM on Saturday evening just chatting and catching up. Yesterday we didnt do much, I just had to do some grocery shopping because I decided I’d go home after I see Dr Barry today and I had no food in the house. Kinda nervous about my apt with Dr Barry today. Kinda have a lot on my mind and that always makes me nervous. Lots of stuff to do with the upcoming bad months of October and November.
Carol anne