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So I think I mentioned that our aunt and uncle are here from the UK. Its our dads sister. She’s 72 years old, and I think after what happened today, I’ll be glad when she goes home. Heres how it went.
My aunt: Where are you going?
Me: To therapy.
My aunt: Therapy? What for?
Me: To deal with my past.
My aunt: What does your therapist talk to you about? Does she talk to you about what happened in Dublin?
Me: I dont want to talk about it.
My aunt: Come on, whats therapy about?
Me: We talk about a lot, not just what happened in dublin.
My aunt: But there’s nothing wrong with you. Its all in your head.
Me: Silence.
My aunt: Well? There’s nothing wrong with you, your wasting your time going there.
Me: Silence again but almost crying.
Then my dad butted in to tell her to shut up and leave me be. That was a shock. I never thought he’d back me up but he did. Thank you dad.
Then I went to therapy, almost crying all the way there. Thank god for my therapist.
When I got home my aunt tried to find out what happened in therapy but I didnt tell her. I am talking to her again now, but I am still very upset with her.

Carol anne