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So our psychiatrist always has student doctors in with her when we talk to her. She has said in the past that we can say no, but I always feel awful about doing that, so I never do. Last Monday, a friend of ours, who also sees Dr Barry had her appointment. We were texting afterwords, and I asked her if the student had been in her session, because they’d been in mine. She said no, that it was just her and Dr Barry. Then I started to get uneasy. I wondered…is it because of our did that Dr Barry always has the students in our sessions? Is it because she’s trying to educate them on it? Part of me wondered if it was just the whole fascination of the did and switching and all, and she wanted them to see a switch? But to be fair, Dr Barry is not the type to gawk, or be fascinated, so I doubt that comes into it very much. But you know when you always have the students in the room, and then you hear others say they never have them, you start to wonder. Tonight in therapy I talked To Eileen about it. I told her how last Monday the guy who was in the room never said a word the whole time. He never said hello, or introduced himself to me. The only reason I knew he was a man was because Dr Barry told me that. It was quite unnerving and unsettling to say the least. I’d like a hello, i’m so and so, i’m a med student in such a year whatever year they’re in at least. Is that too much to ask for? Am I being unreasonable? I dont think so. Eileen said I should mention it to Dr Barry. Also because I am blind, I have to go on a persons voice. If they dont say anything, then I have nothing to go on at all. Plus I felt weird talking to Dr Barry about my inner most thoughts, when the student was sitting there listening intently. I know Dr Barry will have told him some of my story before I went in, but still. It feels intrusive to me. It feels like I am being analysed. I think I will mention it to her this coming Monday. It wont hurt to mention it and maybe it will help. What do my readers think? Wpould you mention it? Do you think I am being unreasonable?
Carol anne