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Therapy was hard tonight, we’ve been struggling a lot over the past week with body memroies and sensations related to trauma memories. This next two months are some of the worst months of the year for us. The flashbacks have been really bad lately especially for some of the younger kids inside. One child who is very effected is Lexi. Lexi is six, and she finds emotions really difficult to deal with. Well…we’ve been very emotional these past few days, so in turn, she’s finding that very tough. So tonight therapy we worked with Lexi. Lexi didnt actually come out, instead Eileen had me support her by doing some visualisation exercises, and talking to her inside, whilst reporting to her what was going on. Lexi kept saying that her address was the boarding school in dublin, so Eileen had me visualise our house here in Cork, and then she had me take Lexi by the hand and walk her around the house, touching things, doing things like shaking the wind chimes that are in my hallway, she had me get objects that mean stuff to lexi and show them to her, all in our mind. It worked really well, and I was able to stay present with Eileen whilst I did this. Lexi did try to come out at one point, but Eileen got me back, not because she didnt want to talk to Lexi, but because she wanted me to be able to support Lexi, since physically she’s not always available in between sessions. I agree that this is a good technique and I was able to do it too, which to be honest I didnt think I would be. Eileen said I have talents I never knew I had! She also did an exercise with us where she asked us to breathe in and out deeply, and visualise a colored light, we picked purple, which is her favourite color too, so she got us to visualise th e purple healing light going through our whole body. It was actually very calming. We worked also on breatheing deeply since part of our problem is body memories, where we are in the depths of a body memory, and then we become dizzy, and end up gasping for air. We become so dizzy that we will take in a huge gulp of air, afraid that we may not get any more. Eileen said this is all part of the body memory. She reassured us that the air is freely available in our house, and in her office. Nobody is going to deny us air. So it is ok to breathe it in. Thats the hard part, remembering that when the trauma memories hit. So we’re going to practice over the next couple of months, and I think it will get easier. With Eileen reassuring us that we’re safe, that the air is ours to breathe, I’m sure it will become easier in time. Eileen also gave us something to take home from her office tonight. She gave us a little angel. She said we could feel connected to her and her office when we held it. And we do. Its funny how an object can have such significance isnt it? This is a tiny angel, but the connection we feel to Eileen when we hold it is overwhelming. So all in all a good session tonight, lots achieved and accomplished.
carol anne