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So I wrote an email to our therapist after the session tonight. I shared a lot in it with her. Lots of trauma memories, that I just didnt have the words to talk about during our session. Sometimes, writing is easier for me because I can formulate what I want to say in a sensible way. I didnt expect a reply, because she rarely replies to emails. But just now I was reading my email and there it was, a reply from her. Short, but full of so much love. Here is what she said
Hi Carol anne
Thank you for sharing that with me. I have felt deeply touched and very connected to you in the reading of it. I no you have been through unspeakable pain and hurt, and am very glad you have allowed me have a glimpse of where you have been.

I really really needed that reply tonight. Thank you Eileen my wonderful awesome solid rock for knowing that I needed you and replying to my efforts at sharing some of my pain. Your the best!
Carol anne