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Our aunt and uncle, dads sister and her husband, are going home today. To be honest I am relieved. I know that makes me sound mean, like I don’t care about them, I do care, but its been stressful having them here. Our uncle is nice, he is easy to get along with and talk to. Our aunt however is a different story. She just doesn’t get our mental illness, or the fact that we need therapy to deal with the things that have happened to us. There were more than a few not nice words spoken during this last week about that stuff. So that is one reason that I’ll be glad to see them go.

Last night our aunts came over and we had a little mini party. I didn’t come out of the bedroom for most of the night. I just…well…I didn’t feel like partying. Eventually at around midnight I came out and had a cup of tea and chatted for a while. It was 2 30 before any of us got to bed. I felt bad that I wasn’t socialising so that is why I ended up coming out to cchat.

Anyway, our lil sisters taking them to the airport at around 5 30 this evening. There flight is at 8 15. The house will be rather quiet when they’re gone. I’m at our parents until Monday. For the rest of this weekend I’m going to relax and have a nice quiet chilled out time of it. I need it after all the stress of the past week.
Carol anne