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We’ve got quite a busy morning ahead of us. Our P.A Joy is coming, to take us to get our lip and eyebrows waxed. I dont particularly like getting that done, but I need to get it done so I’ll grin and bare it. Afterwords I think I might go to subway and treat myself to a foot long, with cheese, bacon, peporoni, chicken and south west sauce on it. Thats my favourite subway sandwich. Tomorrow I’m going away for the weekend with our mom and lil sister. We’re going to west cork, to a hotel until Sunday. We payed 190 euro each, but its all in aid of a good cause. All of the money is going to a local breast cancer charity and the hotel put on this fabulous girls weekend, for women only. There’s going to be lots of entertainment, including a banquet on Saturday night, and a disco with a dj, and a mentalist on the Friday night, and cookery demonstrations on the Saturday afternoon, and also on the Saturday afternoon we’re booked in for a facial each. So it should be a good weekend and I am looking forward to it. Our dad is going to look after Nitro for me. I went with our mom to buy his dog food yesterday and I was sure to get my loyalty card stamped. Now I only need one more stamp, and I’ll get a free bag of food. I was exhausted last night after therapy, and I slept like a log. I mostly always sleep well the day of therapy. I think its all the hard work that drains me.
carol anne