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Well we are having a great time at the girly weekend we came on with our mom and lil sister. This is a weekend in aid of breast cancer and all the proceeds go to charity. We are spending two nights in a posh hotel, and there are tons of activities for girls, the whole hotel is full of girls, we”re taking over hahaha. Today I got my nails done, they are purple, I’ll post a picture separately to this post because I dont know how to add it in to the post. I also got me a facial today, it was bliss. The lady who did it was so friendly, she made me feel at ease and really relaxed. We were going to go out on paddle boats but when we got there the water was really choppy so we chickened out, and we decided to hit the sauna and steam room in the hotel instead. Our lil sis got her nails done too, she got hers red. The kind of nails we both got are called gelesh and they are done with nail polish but it stays on for 3 weeks. Last night there was live music in the bar, and free wine all night long. I was so drunk but surprisingly I didnt wake up with a hang over today. It was amazing really, because I drank a ton of wine hahaha. tonight we’re going to a banquet, there is a five course meal, and live music during the meal from a contestant from the show the voice, and then after the meal there is a dj and we’re going to dance the night away. I’m sure it will be 3 or 4 AM before we go to bed. There were other activities too for the day that we didnt take part in. There was a girly movie day, and a hair and make up salon where they did demos and there were cookery demonstrations, and we got vouchers to play mini golf if we wanted to…we’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning, if the weather stays nice we might hit the beach for an hour or two before we head home. The weather has been superb this weekend, its beautiful, like a sumers day outside, unheard of for mid october.

carol anne