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So we got home safely from our girly weekend away. It was an awesome weekend. Very fun.
We did a lot of things, and just generally had a great time. Saturday night there was a huge banquet. It was sooo posh!
We had a five course meal, complete with a few glasses of wine. I was very tired though, so I ended up going to bed early, I couldnt keep my eyes open any longer, when it hit 11 PM I went to bed. Our mom and lil sis stayed up till 1 AM though.
Before heading home yesterday we went to the beach and had a very nice walk along the strand. Then afterwords we went to a local hotel and had a cappachino each before making the 90 minute journey home.
I read all the way home. I got 3 chapters of my book read. I’m currently reading the new Cathy glass book called the child bride. Its brilliant. I will do a book review once I’m done but I highly recommend you read it.
Once we got home I had something to eat, called my girlfriend for a well needed chat, and last night went to bed early. I had to because I had a doc apt this morning and I didnt want to be tired as I had an early start.
No plans for today just chilling out and catching up on blogs, emails, and the like. Glad to see its a nice day outside, despite the fact that it is cold. But at least there is no rain!