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Ok. Curiousity has gotten the better of me.

I’ve got over 200 followers to this here blog. But I rarely hear from most of you. That makes me sad because I feel like I am missing out on getting to know all of you amazing bloggers and forming new friendships along the way also.

I try to comment on blogs as I can. I feel like its important that I do it, if I am following a persons journey, whatever their blog happens to be about. Most of the blogs I follow are peoples personal experiences with mental illness. I do follow a few other bloggers too who I find interesting and or inspiring.

So here is my question. To the people who are following silently, I’d like to get to know you, say hi, have some conversations going back and forth.

Please dont be shy. Introduce yourself and lets become friends. That would make me very happy.

Also it would let me know you are here, and you are real. Thanks guys.

Carol anne