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I have therapy in an hour. I’m calm now, but for how long?

I feel like today is going to be a big session. I feel like some deep stuff is gonna be discussed.

Yesterday I was having awful flashbacks on and off all day. I called Eileen around lunch time. I needed to hear her voice. I felt so lost, like I was drowning. Hearing her voice helped ground me back into reality.

I told her it wasn’t urgent in my message. I said she didn’t have to call me back. I could wait until today to talk to her. I expected her to wait.

Last night at 10 PM she phoned me. She was on her way home from college, where she lectures. We didn’t have much time to talk, because she was collecting someone and so she didn’t have much privacy. But she was all apologetic that she hadn’t got back to me sooner. I was astonished that she phoned me and felt really special and cared about.

She’s so great like that. She always does little things like text us, call us, sit by us, things that show us we mean something to her. Its a nice feeling.

I know therapy will probably be hard today, but I can get through it. With Eileen with me I can get through anything.

Carol anne