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I just finished reading this book this morning. It was a very good read, although some parts of the book were very triggering as they contain graphic details of rape and prostitution. The book tells the story of Zena, a 14 year old asian girl who comes to live with Cathy and her family after she asks to go into care. At first Zena is very reluctant to talk and is very scared. She is at high risk and has been disowned by her family. During the book many things happen, including Zena catching STI’s and being threatened by her uncle and father. Eventually after some time she is able to tell her story to Cathy. It turns out that she was raped at age 9 by her asian cousin, while visiting Bangladesh. After this her parents blamed her and shunned and shamed her. Then her parents married her off at age 13 to a man of 50. And subsequently her father and uncle used her as a prostitute. Even when she came into care, she was still forced to work as a prostitute. The story is very sad and left me reeling during parts of it. But I continued reading because the book was so good. The way Cathy tells her story is a credit to her good writing ability. I wont spoil the ending of the book, but it is not the ending I was expecting. The book is available on kindle, audible, and in paperback from cathys website or from amazon. Also there is an update on cathys site of how Zena is doing now, once you’ve finished the book. Lets just say Zenas story taught me a lot about asian culture. I didnt realise how strict and rigid the asian culture was before I read the book. I highly recommend the book though. It will break your heart, but you will also see how resilient Zena is and what strength she has to be able to overcome what she endured.