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So far i’ve had a busy Saturday. I went to visit my granddad, our moms dad. He got diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of weeks ago, and i hadn’t seen him since his diagnosis. He was in good spirits today. I brought him some lunch which he actually ate, which is a first for him as usually he barely eats anything. Since he had his stomach removed a few years ago, he cant eat a lot of foods because they make him sick. But he ate the lunch i brought him so that made me happy. He was showing our mom and sister old baby photos. He had some baby pictures of our mom, when she was 18 months old. He gave her a picture to keep, of her and her older brother visiting santa clause. Our mom was delighted. It was a good visit, even though we only stayed for an hour. We could only stay for an hour because our sister was parked in a place where you need a parking disk and the disk only lasts for 60 minutes. When we were leaving our granddad gave me the biggest hug and thanked me for lunch. It was so touching.

This evening i’m going to our aunts to watch x factor with her and also to see her new puppy. She named the puppy milly. This is the aunt who lost her dog Tess, about two weeks ago. I am so looking forward to seeing the new puppy. I love dogs and i bet she’s really cute. Plus it will also be nice to see my cousins and aunt and spend some quality time with them.

I’m really full up now. Our sister made a thai green curry which was totally awesome. It was really hot though so my mouth is burning now. There was some left over which i froze and am going to use up during this week. Our sister is a great cook and i love it when she cooks dinner for me.

Carol anne