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last week, the basement club, which is the drop in centre where i go sometimes, had this open day for world mental health week. lots of people were invited. service users, the staff, local business people, and mental health professionals were all there.
it was a big fiasco. there were refreshments, and information stands, the organisation which runs the basement club, shine, was trying to promote its work.
i went along, because i wanted to support them. but then…
i saw dr l…remember dr l? my psychiatrist in the locked ward?
he was there. and it was really weird to see him. i didnt really want to see him. he brought back bad memories for me. he made me feel uneasy. he made me remember the locked ward and all the stuff that happened while i was there. i didnt want to remember.
but he stayed for a long time. luckily i didnt have to engage much with him past a hello and how are you. i was glad. i didnt stay long after he arrived. i felt too uncomfortable.