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I had my weekly appointment with Dr Barry this morning. That went really well. She had a medical student named Amy in with her. It was great because Amy actually introduced her self to us when we walked in, and when I was leaving she said “goodbye Carol anne” as I walked out. Me and Taylor both had time with Dr Barry today. Taylor was talking about how hard she found this month, and how she was finding it difficult because some in our system aren’t doing ok at this time of year. That makes the younger insiders insecure and uncertain. Taylor also is dealing with a little bit of psychosis and being out of touch with reality so she spoke to Dr Barry about that also. I also spoke to Dr Barry. My discussion mainly revolved around therapy, and I also discussed with her about my feelings regarding how stuff that I tell her is effecting her. She reassured me she was ok and told me not to worry about her, that she has supports in place to help her if she needs help with anything. She told me that the police had been in touch and they’d asked for a comprehensive report. This was news to me as when C the police officer came to my house, she said all she was looking for was an overview of our diagnosis, and treatment plan going forward. Apparently though now they’re looking for a comprehensive report, detailing our involvement with mental health services from day one, our diagnosis, when we got it, what the treatment for it is, etc. Dr Barry said that she isn’t happy giving so much information to them, that they really don’t need it. She said she’s going to give a general report, and if they want anything else they can write to her again. I think its really great that she is mindful of not giving out too much information about us to th epolice. She said she’s mindful that we consented, but she didn’t know exactly what we’d consented to, thats why she wanted to talk to us about it. I’m happy for her to give a general report about our mental health though. I didn’t ask her today about meds, I was going to but then I thought I’ll struggle on for another week without any new meds being added. I’m not one for wanting to take a load of meds, so if I can get away with it I will do without them. If things get worse over the next 10 days I’ll ask next week. I don’t see her again for 10 days because next Monday is a bank holiday here in Ireland. I was happy though with todays appointment. Oh yeah, she said the fact that we’d actually come last week and saw Dr S the junior doctor was real progress for us. I suppose it was. A few months ago I wouldn’t have come, in fact back in August I did miss an appointment with dr S because I had high levels of anxiety around going. So I’m happy we’ve made that little bit of progress.

Carol anne