If youdont know anything about emotional support animals, read this. Great info here!

Me: Finding the Missing Pieces

ESA animals are not pets! The Federal Disability Law requires all landlords to allow tenants who have an animal prescribed to them by any mental health practitioner to keep the animal, and cannot require a pet deposit or pet rent as long as you have a letter from any of your mental health practitioners explaining that you need one for your health to fully enjoy the place you will be living. As long as you also have a letter from your mental health person for planes, trains, etc, then ESA’s can also go on trains, buses, cabs, planes, as long as you are traveling to a different location where you will be sleeping–also for free, and at your feet, not in cargo. If you are staying overnight somewhere other than home (like on a trip) any hotel or motel must also allow your ESA, if you show them the letter…

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