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I’m still muddling through as best as I can. It isnt easy. but I wont give up. I’m stronger than my trauma history.

today i havent done much of anything. i was woken up really early this morning by rain pounding off my windows. i decided i’d get up, let nitro out, feed him, and then go back and lie down and watch a little tv. i managed to fall back to sleep for about an hour or so.

other than that, i didnt do much today. i was supposed to go to the basement club this morning, but when i saw the weather i decided against it. my home help was just here. she helped me cook a meal and we had a good chat. she’s really nice, and i get along well with her.

as for how we’re doing emotionally, things are up and down. we were struggling yesterday evening a little, and liz called eileen. however eileen wasnt in a position to talk at that time, but she did text her back, to explain why she wasnt able to talk and send her support and encouragement.

we talked to our friend on the phone…and i talked to my so, too. i always love talking to my so. she brings joy to my life and brightens my day.

carol anne