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we’ve been trying so hard to just get through today. Thats not easy.

Granted the days just starting, and the really scary parts don’t come until tonight. But the very fact that its October 31, and Halloween, is a massive trigger to us to our whole system.

We’re with our parents. Dr barry said it might be the less risky of the two options we had, to either stay home on our own, or go to our parents and stay there. So we are choosing to stay with our family for the weekend.

We have a phone check in with our therapist this evening. I’m sure that will help us a lot. I have decided to stay out of the way when our niece and nephew come , and get dressed up and go trick or treating. We don’t need to be exposed to that.

If we can just get through this weekend then we will have dr barrys support on Monday. That appointment on Monday is whats keeping us going, along with the support of Eileen, and my partner too.

carol anne