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1. I like myself because its important to my healing that I like even love, myself.

2. I’m an expert at socialising.

3. I feel good about all the comments i receive on my blog. I appreciate all you kind people out there.

4. My friends would tell you I am a great listener.

5. My favorite place is….. Disneyworl florda

6. I’m loved by…..my partner, my family, and hopefully my friends.

7. People say I am a good……. writer

8. I’ve been told I have pretty…….hair.

9. I consider myself a good conversation starter.

10. What I enjoy most is….. being with friends and having fun

11. The person I admire most is my partner. She struggles a lot and she always keeps on trying no matter what. She’s an inspiration to me.

12. I have a natural talent for…….snging.

13. Goals for my future are……. try to gain employment and to continue working on my healing.

14. I know I will reach my goals because I am…. resilient and strong.

15. People compliment me about….. my smile and my sociability.

16. I feel good when I….. give to or help others.

17. I’ve been successful at…… making lots of friends, and surviving my childhood.

18. I laugh when I think about…..certain tv shows, like big bang theory, or certain memories with my partner.

19. The traits I admire myself for are:…….. nonjudgmental, generosity, thoughtfulness, and compassion

20. I feel peaceful when I’m listening to the birds sing, when I meditate, and when I think of my angels.

carol anne