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In therapy the other day, Shirley said something very interesting. She said that from what she knows about me, i’m quite similar to her. In many respects and ways, i think thats true. In some ways it isn’t true at all, but i will list the ways in which it is. She said she thinks our personalities are quite similar, and if she was co-hosting, that she thinks i’d be the closest to having the kinda traits she possesses, and liking the things that she likes. So here are some ways in which we’re similar.

We both like to sing. In fact we both enjoy performing.

We’re both really determined. If we start something or want to do something, then we get very animated about it and don’t stop until we get there.

We are both very kind to kids, and we both like kids a lot.

We both love animals. Especially dogs.

We are both really resilient, i definitely think Shirley is resilient after our last therapy session.

And last on the list…we have similar tastes in what we like to eat and drink.

Hmmm, that is quite a lot of similarities when you think about it. i hope some day that we can get to know each other more and maybe make some decisions about things together. I’d really like that.

carol anne