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I had a really lovely texting convo with our therapist on Friday night. I texgted her this.

me: I hate my life, it sucks, can you adopt me? please Eileen?

Eileen: I’m so sorry. but you know what? you can go inside to the room where I am and talk to me. How cool is that?

me: oh I forgot that. that’s very cool. :d

Eileen: there you go.

then we got into the smily faces on our phones and started messaging each other with smily faces in the messages. I put hearts with ribbons on mine, and a happy face, and a face throwing a kiss, and a winking face. Eileen put a lightbulb, and a happy face with squinting eyes. it made me giggle.

I like when Eileen texts me. it makes me feel special. and loved. and safe.

Alicia 9