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I had a pretty good therapy session last night. We had to change the time of the session at the last minute, from the morning, to the evening time. Eileens mom fell and broke some of her ribs, so Eileen had to take her for x-rays and stuff in the morning yesterday, so thats why we ended up doing a session at 7 30 in the evening.

We had a long talk about Shirley, and what will happen to me if she becomes stronger and more active. I said to Eileen that I had been worrying this week about that…about whether I’d still be needed or not. Eileen said that she sees me as always being needed, because I am as close to the core as we have. Shirley had said to her in the last session that she felt that me and her were similar to each other in personality. She had said that of what she knows of me she thinks that I am most like her. Eileen said that right there proves that she needs me, that she has entrusted me to run the day to day life, and she’s always going to need me because she told her she didn’t feel strong enough to ever do that again.

We talked about dissociation and people in the system not sharing things with each other, keeping things to themselves, and kinda splitting off into their own camps and corners. We decided that over the next few weeks we’d work on lessening the dissociation and bringing more of peoples memories and experiences together so that they could receive more support, and maybe we could all support one another in the doing of that.

Liz and Alicia also had time last night, but I’ll let them discuss their parts of the session separately if they want to do that.
carol anne