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I love xmas. I love decorating the house and the outside of the house. this year we’ll be with our parents on xmas. we’ve done that now for the last couple of years. our sister is going to her partners family for xmas dinner, so in our parents house it will be just them, and us. our sister really doesn’t want to go to her partners family but she kinda has to because of the kids, all the kids in their family will be there, and if she comes to our mom and dads, then her two kids will have nobody to play with and they’ll be bored. she said she’d visit though on xmas morning so we can give Lauren and Davin their gifts. we already have their gifts bought. we bought lauren two fairy dolls, they are neat, I helped to pick them out. they come from the tinkerbell series of dolls. we got davin a pirate ship. we have quite a lot of our xmas presents bought. its neat to xmas shop, I love it. you know what else is neat? xmas baking. our sister is making our parents a cake this year…a fruit cake. she’s already made it but it isn’t iced yet. and I hope we have the traditional xmas dinner of turkey and ham. I asked our mom to buy a stuffed boned and rolled turkey, cuz I love the stuffing that comes inside of it. I also love mince pies. I had some today with custard. they were yummilicious. im wondering what we’re getting for xmas. we don’t believe in santa, but we do believe in the xmas fairy. she’ll be coming to all us kids carol anne said. then we’ll also get gifts from our mom and sister and in our sisters partners family we are doing secret santa, we all picked a name each and then we have to buy one person a gift and nobody know who has who. I think that will be so much fun. I guess this is turning into a long post but I just wanted to tell a little about xmas this year because I’m a big fan.

Gabby age 12