Some of our insiders want to make a blog where they can talk about their struggles in therapy, in life, day to day, their pasts, their ups and their downs. However they don’t feel comfortable talking on the public blog about this stuff. I know a few have over the months, but more want to join in, but they want a private place to blog. However, they’d like some readers, friends, to read what they have to say and give them perspective and stuff on their writing. I’m just about to set up their blog, and I was wondering, if anyone who reads this blog, wants to follow our other insiders? If you do want to follow their journey, then please email me at

And let me know your wordpress email address or username so that I will be able to add you to the user list. I’m not going to advertise the link to the blog publically as I really want to know whose viewing, so if people email me I can monitor the emails coming in.

I hope that doesn’t sound too confusing for people.

So in the email…just let me know who you are, and either the email address tied to your wordpress account, or your wordpress username..thats it. I’ll be able to add you then.

Thanks so much guys,

Carol anne