Meet some of the insiders in our did system

There are many who make up our system.  We are adults, teens and children.
We are all very different from each other.  Some of us come out a lot more than others in the system.  There are a main fronting group of about 20 or so.
So…sit back and meet some of us.
Carol anne:  I am the main protector. I am 19 years old.  I am talkative, and I love a good joke.  My sense of humour is wacky at the best of times.  I am the one in control most often and I run our day to day life.
Amy:  She is 15.  She used to be a little bit wild, but she’s calmed down a lot now.  She’s funny, outgoing, which she wasnt always.  A long time ago she was serious, the one who got business done.  She’s really witty and friendly, too.
Trey:  He’s 19.   He’s very down to earth, he is a very manly man also.  He is kind, sincere and gentle.
Tristan: He’s 17, he is very macho, he loves steak and mashed potatos, he eats like a horse, he is carefree, but lovable, although dont tell him I said that.  He’s amazingly good with kids, too.
Alexa:  She’s 17, she’s very gentle, kind, caring…she’s Amys best friend inside.  She’s a lover of quotes and enjoys collecting them.
Liz:  She’s 25, and a dark insider, meaning she’s witnessed unspeakable traumas.  Due to what she’s witnessed she is tough.  She’s known to be really angry sometimes.  But if she likes you, she’s very friendly once she gets to know you.
Roiseen: She’s 16 and she’s also a dark.  She’s also really tough.  She enjoys pissing people off, her words, lol.  She’s very sarcastic, and she enjoys music, such as buckcherry, and rap music.
There are many other adults and teens, too many to list here.
A few of the kids…
Emily: She’s 12 years old.   She’s bulimic.  She struggles a lot with weight and food issues.  She’s quite shy and timid.
Alicia: She’s 9 years old.  She’s a very angry little girl. She’s been hurt a lot in life.  Her main passion is for our therapist Eileen or our psychiatrist Dr Barry to adopt her. Its what she really wants more than anything.
Allie:  Allie is 9 also. She’s been through severe abuse from the cult we were involved in.  She’s deathly afraid of the months of October and november.  She loves tigers.  White bengal tigers are her very favourite.
Lexi:  She’s six. She has a hard time with emotions and feeling them.  She used to always wear a blank stare on her face. Over time however she’s become more able to talk about her feelings. She used to be a self harmer but she doesnt do that as much now.
Taylor:  Taylor is six also. She is psychotic a lot of the time.  She sees things, such as bugs and sometimes she feels blood on her skin and in her hair, she also has hallucinations a lot and gets quite frightened by them.
Darina: Darina is a happy go lucky child. She’s six years old.   She’s loves the color pink, rap music, her doll marissa, and her friends of which she has many.  She’s really bubbly and outgoing.
There are tons more kids inside. Over time, if you follow our journey, I’m sure you’ll meet many of them.
Thanks for reading our page.  I hope you enjoyed it.
Carol anne

4 thoughts on “Meet some of the insiders in our did system”

  1. Thanks for the intro – it’s good to meet you.


  2. It was nice to get to know some of the people in your system. It always amazes me with how unique they are. Keep writing!


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