Whose who in our life?

So here is a little bit about whose who in our life, and who might feature in our posts on this blog.
Eileen is our wonderful therapist. Right now we see her once a week for an hour and a half.  she’s really brilliant and so knowledgeable about did, ptsd, and trauma.  she does phone check ins with us sometimes too, and we can email and text her if we need to.
Dr Barry is our psychiatrist. Right now we also see her once a week.  she’s really awesome.  she never rushes us, always gives us ample time to talk to her, is a great listener, a terrific psychiatrist who is really very aware of our struggles and does her best to help us.
Karen is dr Barry’s social worker. We dont see her once a week but we do see her fairly regularly.  she’s been instrumental in helping us to obtain certain things, like cctv for our home, funding for transport etc.  she is a really hard worker, and i think she should be nominated for best social worker in the mental health field.  she’s very friendly, another great listener and we’re really glad that she’s part of dr barrys team.
Mark is our occupational therapist. We dont see him all that often, but we’ve been working with him for a few months now.  we mostly do work over the phone, but occasionally we do meet up.  he’s been helping us try to find a college course that suits us, and some volunteer work.
Colette is our mentor, in a local drop in centre we go to for people who have mental health issues. She is a really terrific and inspiring person.
Then there is our mom, dad and our sister Laura. Our sister Laura has two kids, a boy and a girl, ages 1 and 6
and Then, there’s our dog, Nitro. He’s a guide dog. He’s almost four years old and he’s our constant companion through thick and thin.  we’d be lost without him.

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