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We’ve been feeling very emotional lately. I have, but its not just me. Other insiders are also feeling the emotions full force. Its not a pleasant experience let me tell you.

Emotions are so scary sometimes. Up, down, then up again, happy, sad, anger, everything combined, makes for a very stressful life. And stress is something we’ve been really feeling a lot of lately.

I am so glad we get to see Dr barry again next week. I think 3 weeks of not seeing her has started to take its toll on us. I know some people are probably saying three weeks is nothing, because I know some people rarely see their psychiatrist, but for us, we’re used to seeing Dr Barry once a week. We have done since last January now.

I know she’ll give us some constructive feedback on our ongoing emotional upheaval. Of course we also have Eileen, our therapist, who also always gives great feedback and helps us to explore why it is the way it is. I really dont know how we’d fare without both people as a support. Probably we wouldnt fare very good at all.

Last night I thought about going down for an assessment. I honestly seriously thought about it. But then I realised that probably a consultant who I didnt know would be on call, and I realised I’d have to see a junior doctor, and I realised that I’d be better off trying to muddle through because undoubtedly the emotions would subside and I’d be ok again.

And I was. After a few hours things died down and I felt somewhat ok again. Of course having this flu that I have doesnt help matters. I feel rotten physically, besides all the emotional stuff. My head and throat and chest hurt a lot. I’ve been taking lemsips to try and make it go away. I think I’m over the worst of it now though.

I think I can safely say its been a rough week.
Carol anne